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Wild Boar and Game meats

Sanglier royal logoWe at GNP are pleased to present several  unique and diverse dining alternatives. We are dedicated to providing you with premium quality seafood and game meat specialties to help celebrate that special occasion with special guests. Our unique natural delicacies are ideal for colleagues, clients, employees and those friends and family members who are a challenge to shop for.
Wild Boar is the meat of the 90's, as it was the royal meat during the time of the kings. These beasts are raised year round on free-ranges in Québec and nourish themselves on leaves, roots, insects, rodents, fruits, vegetables or cereals they can find. With this diet, Wild Boar qualifies as 100% natural. Wild Boar flesh color varies with the season and its diet. The meat is rich in protein, and much leaner than its cousin the pork. With our access of supply from Canada, many beasts are available regularly from Great Northern Products.
Wild Boar can be purchased in familiar pork cuts. Some popular ones are:

Wild Board Roast, a complete carcass with head on, skinless
(Average 75-120 lbs.)

Grade1A Excellent meat to bone ratio Max 5% Backfat
Grade B Good meat to bone ratio Max 5% Backfat
Grade C Good meat to bone ratio Max 5% Backfat

Per LB. US$  2.50
Per LB. US$  2.00
Per LB. US$ 1.75

A half carcass can be purchased (with head as well) at a 10% Premium.
Popular cuts derived from Grade 1A Boars:

Full front quarter cut with bone 30-35 lbs.
Full hind quarter cut with bone 25-35 lbs.
Full sirloin roast with bone & filet mignon 12-18 lbs.

Per LB. US$ 3.50
Per LB. US$ 5.25
Per LB. US$ 7.00

Boneless shoulder roast
Boneless round (rump) roast

Per LB. US$ 5.50
Per LB. US$ 7.50

Gourmet Spread- Pate or cretons 24/6oz containers
Sausage with herbs 20LB. CS

Per CS. US$60.00
Per LB. US$ 5.50

Organs- liver, heart, kidney, tongue
Chopped or ground meat 10% fat
Boar bellies complete for making bacon

Per LB. US$ 2.50
Per LB. US$ 2.90
Per LB. US$ 1.75

All cuts are vacuum packed, first quality and priced F.O.B. Boston Mass. Other game meats available with notice. Email us with your inquiries.

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